Live For the King!    Matt & Heidi Keller; Indy, Trace & Perrin
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We've adopted this as our theme song of late.  Check out the lyrics. It is an amazing challenge from Scripture.  
Our vision as a family is summed up by these three words, SHARE, DISCIPLE, SEND.  God has spoken to us and given us a dream in our heart for ministry in places like Boise, Duluth, Asia, New Zealand and more, but it all comes down to SHARING the Gospel of Jesus Christ always, DISCIPLING those who respond and SENDING those people out to repeat this process.  I can't imagine wanting to do anything else!
In August of 2015 we will be moving to Boise, Idaho to SHARE, DISCIPLE, SEND.  
We long for the day when we will be back in Minnesota where we will SHARE, DISCIPLE, SEND in Duluth.  We are not sure on the timing of this but we will be there this summer on outreach!!!