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Boise Initiative 
As Heidi and I led Mission Adventures last summer we had assumed we had our plans set before us.  Little did we know that the plans we had would be put on hold for a period of time.  We were asked to pioneer a YWAM ministry in Boise with YWAM Idaho.  This was not even in our radar at the time but as we prayed about it we realized God had been leading us to Boise before we move to Duluth all along.  In Boise we will continue our ministry to refugees, those on the street as well as building a discipleship community. We can't wait to move down there in August of 2015!

YWAM Idaho
Heidi and I are on staff with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Idaho. Our mission is to work towards the completion of the Great Commission.  Here at YWAM Idaho we mobilize, train and equip people of all ages to live with a Kingdom mindset.  We focus on the unreached people groups in Northern India and some of our teams have been the first Christians to ever bring the Gospel to these villages.  We offer excellent training opportunities including a Discipleship Training School, Bible School for the Nations and the School of Apostolic Pioneering.  We desire people of all ages to be equipped and sent out to all nations until the Great Commission is complete.  More about YWAM Idaho...    

Ministry as a Family
When God called us in to full-time ministry, that included our entire family.  I wouldn't say our kids were enthusiastic about leaving behind everything they knew...and I wouldn't say we've always enjoyed living in a one room cabin with all three boys miles away from our amazing church and wonderful friends...but the truth is that it has all been worth it.  Our oldest son Indy has fallen in love with street ministry.  Our middle child Trace loves prayer walks and just doing ministry with Mom and Dad.  All three boys have friends living all over the world. 

As a ministry we've sent out young people to all but one continent.  These young people have come back with a Biblical perspective, stories of miraculous healings and accounts of many coming to Jesus.  What's most exciting is seeing young people turn in to passionate followers of Christ going wherever He leads them.  

To be able to do ministry as a family is such an amazing blessing!