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Family Mission Adventures
June 27-30
Bethany Bible Camp: Bemidji, MN
Please register HERE

What's the training like?  
Family MA training is, well, family friendly.  We often get asked, "What if my kid is loud?"  My response is usually something along the lines of, "they'll fit right in!"  Although some of the training the kids will be doing their own thing, we do our best to integrate young and old in everything we do.  Our speaker will lead us for 6 sessions sharing practical and spiritual advice when doing missions as a family as well as challenging each of us in our our spiritual walk with Jesus.  We will also cover good stuff like:
  • Effective intercession
  • How to share your faith
  • How to encourage your kids to share their faith
  • Outreach prep
  • How to be a missionary where you live
  • Apologetcis 
  • And more!!!

We will also enjoy a great time worshipping the Lord together as well as beautiful fellowship!
Family Mission Adventures (MA) is an all-inclusive missions training experience for the whole family.  Located at Bethany Bible Camp near Bemidji, MN, this is more than just summer camp.  Mission Adventures is a part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and it exists to equip families in missions and encourage families in their faith.  
Following camp there will be an optional outreach in Duluth, MN from July 1-3.  This will be practically applying what we learned at camp.  We will do family street ministry, prayer walks, sidewalk testimonies, learn about current ministries already happening in Duluth and more.  

Since we all have families we know how tight money can be.  We have tried to make both the training and outreach as affordable as possible but understand that it will be a sacrifice for many families to come.  We understand!  It is a sacrifice but we believe it will be worth the investment!!! To keep the costs low, we actually have our staff pay the same amount as you would pay.  That's right, our family and all of our staff will be paying, not getting paid so we can keep the costs low

Camp:       June 27-30
0-5:            FREE
6-11:          $75
12 & Up:    $175

Optional Outreach in Duluth:    July 1-3
0-5:           FREE
6-11:         $40
12 & Up    $75

Prices do not include transportation.  
What are camp accommodations like? 
We will be staying rustic cabins.  We will do our best to insure privacy for each family and will only have you share cabins with your permission.  There is space for campers and tents if you prefer that route. 

What are outreach accommodations like?
On outreach we will be sleeping at churches, most likely on the floor.  We recommend you bring an air mattress or bed roll.  

Do I need bedding?
Yes.  Most beds are twin size.  

Will there be time to swim?
Yes.  Please bring a modest swimsuit. 

Do you have a packing list?
Yes.  Once you register you will be sent a packing list. 

Where do my fees go to?
All fees go to renting the camp, food, outreach and program supplies 

How do I register? 
Registration will be through the YWAM Idaho website.  You will be sent a link via email. 
Bethany Bible Camp sits on the shores of Grace Lake near Bemidji, MN.