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What's in a picture?

by Matt & Heidi Keller on 10/16/13

May this story encourage you today! 

I was scrolling through iPhoto the other day when I realized that we have more pictures than days I've been alive.  I mean, who takes all these? 

I came to a picture however that I must share.  I know pictures tell stories but there is a story behind this one that is nothing short of miraculous. 

It's a story of how God saved our YWAM Idaho camp from a devastating fire in 2007. 

We weren't here of course but we sure do see the effects of the fire.  As we approached the camp for the first time back in June my youngest son said, "These woods look like a porcupine!".  And they really did.  Dead trees as far as you could see.  Most of the limbs are burnt off so even without the imagination of a seven year old I could see the resemblance of a porcupine.

In 2007 a very large fire was headed toward camp.  We're talking MILES across destroying everything in it's path.  According to those who were around at the time, the YWAM staff knew it was coming and knew they had to get out of there.  Before they left, they walked around the boundaries of the camp praying that God would protect it.  People from all over the country were praying as well that the camp would be saved. 

But honestly...who would think the camp would have a chance with a fire this big coming directly at it.  As Christians we believe in miracles right?  But this is a bit much!

As the fire came barreling down the mountain toward camp a miracle did happen.  When it reached the camps boundaries it didn't cross it but instead went all the way around it and then came back together and went back up the next mountain.  Nothing on the camp was touched by the flames. 

There was nobody there fighting this fire.  There was no sprinkler system.  Just God protecting this camp so it could be used for His glory. 

Let the picture tell the story:

This picture is taken in a panoramic view from the mountain across from camp.  As you're looking down, the only green trees you see are within the camps boundaries.  Everything else is burned.

God has been using this camp every year to train up young missionaries to go to all the Nations sharing the Gospel of Jesus. 

What a great visual.  Saved from the fires for some purpose.  The same is true for all who claim Christ.  You were saved from the fires of hell not just to be a nice looking "camp".  So many Christians assume they were saved so that when times are tough they've got Jesus to fall back on.  Man they are missing out!  As I was reading in Romans 12 today Paul was saying, "Hey, you've been given gifts...USE THEM!!!" (my paraphrase 12:6). 

I'm gonna head back to iPhoto and try to eliminate some of the 37 duplicate photos of a cool tree (who took these again?).  I hope this picture of camp encourages you and challenges you today.


Oh, by the way, Roman's 12 is worth reading.  Give it a go!

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1. Prince Caspian said on 10/16/13 - 08:09PM
Well it's way past my bed time and so you know the only thing keeping me up is social media or else I'm sleeping walking, I'll let you decide. But either way this article is very encouraging in the fact that God did not save the camp so that it could look pretty. He saved that camp because it is bringing glory to His kingdom! Quite a fascinating story and I love how obvious God has made Himself the middle of the disaster.
2. Ingrid said on 10/17/13 - 01:30PM
Love how you live and write !

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